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$31 million Wanneroo Road duplication to Flynn Drive completed

The transformation of Wanneroo Road is one step closer with the completion of a 3.2 kilometre dual carriageway between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive.

The $31 million project is the first of three Wanneroo Road upgrades worth a combined $146 million to be completed. Two Wanneroo Road interchanges are also currently under construction at Ocean Reef Road and Joondalup Drive.

The widened section is a well-known congestion hotspot creating traffic delays both northbound and southbound for more than 26,000 vehicles each day.

A single carriageway can no longer adequately accommodate increasing traffic levels. New dual lanes for the road will significantly improve congestion and create safer, more efficient journeys.

The project has included intersection upgrades at Golf Links Drive and Carramar Road, along with a Principal Shared Path for cyclists and pedestrians.

Meanwhile, the total project cost has also enabled new noise walls, bus stop facilities, landscaping and U-Turn points to provide access to driveways on Wanneroo Road.

The $31 million project was announced in May 2017 as part of a $2.3 billion package of road and rail infrastructure, and is the first project in the package of works to be completed.

It will help transform Wanneroo Road as a major north-south alternative to Mitchell Freeway, and is one of three upgrades for the strategic route.

Source: WA Government

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