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Big Hill

David Wilkinson Fencing

David Wilkinson Fencing is the local rural fencing expert in the Big Hill area.


David Wilkinson specialise in:

  • Farm fencing
  • Domestic fencing
  • Agricultural fencing


The team:

  • David Wilkinson – 30+ years experience in the fencing industry


About David Wilkinson Fencing:

David Wilkinson is a family business based in Big Hill, New South Wales.

Their work comes with insurance and a warranty so that our customers can feel secure about their purchases.

David Wilkinson complete a number of fencing jobs, services and repairs.


Some of their previous work includes:

  • Wire fencing
  • Timber fencing
  • Post rail
  • Rural fencing
  • Colorbond fencing
  • Post hole digging
  • Post driving for timber and steel
  • Strainer installation
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