Climate outlook overview

The November 2017 to January 2018 rainfall outlook, issued 26 October 2017, shows most of the country has around a 50% chance of above average rainfall.

November 2017 is likely to be drier than usual for most of WA, SA and Victoria. The chance of getting above normal rainfall is below 30% in the southern half of WA.

November to January 2017 daytime and overnight temperatures are likely to be warmer than average for most of the country, with the highest chances over Tasmania, Victoria and northern Australia. Elsewhere, the chance of a warmer three months is close to 50%.

While the Pacific Ocean is likely to continue cooling towards La Niña levels over the coming months, the ocean warmth that typically appears to the north of Australia and in the eastern Indian Ocean during La Niña is unlikely to develop. This means that Australia is unlikely to receive widespread heavy rainfall that is typical of around two thirds of previous La Niña events. See the Climate Influences section for more information.

Source: Australian Government / Bureau of Meteorology

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