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CoBolt XL

The essential tool for fence construction.

The NEW CoBolt XL is made in Germany and specifically manufactured for the powerful cutting of thick and very hard materials.

Perfect for fence construction, cutting bolts, rivets and wire everyday on the building site, working on suspended ceilings and in wire-drawing companies.

60 per cent energy is saved using this tool compared to standard diagonal cutters – or put another way, it reinforces manual force 40 times over making your job quicker and easier.

With a length of 250 mm, the KNIPEX CoBolt XL is the current Hercules among the compact bolt cutters. These new bolt cutters cut through nails, bolts, rivets, and hard wire with a diameter of up to 6 mm, and can also cut piano wire up to Ø 4.2 mm.

One-handed or two-handed operation is possible, and the latter significantly reduces the strain on the user.

The unique joint design of the CoBolt keeps it very compact and at the same time delivers powerful force to the cutting material.

To obtain this force the cutting edge of the pliers are given a microstructure to prevent the cutting material from slipping when the plier is first placed on the material.

Also available is a version with a recess in the blade (7131250) to enable thicker wires to be cut easily.

There is a gripping surface below the joint for gripping and strongly pulling wires with diameters of 1.0 mm or more: ideal when building fences, for example.

And finally, the bolt cutters are forged from chrome vanadium high performance steel and are oil-hardened and inductionhardened to around 64 HRD.

Tridon is the exclusive distributor of Knipex in Australia.

For your nearest Knipex distributor visit:

This story was first published in The Fence magazine.

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