EPA reminds residents to avoid waterways after heavy rain

The NSW Environment Protection Authority is reminding people to avoid public waterways, including rivers, creeks and floodwaters after heavy rainfall.

The advice comes after an overflow from a containment system at the Truegain premises at Rutherford entered the adjacent Stoney creek.

FRNSW has assisted to contain the overflow within the creek and the wastewater is being pumped from the containment area and removed to a facility that can lawfully accept this waste.

The EPA is advising residents as a precaution to avoid waterways downstream of the former Truegain premises. Waterways in general may contain higher levels of pollution after heavy rain, and greater injury risk and should be avoided.

People should not drink water from Stoney Creek and Swamp Creek and should avoid contact with these Creeks.

The EPA is aware that the wastewater contains PFAS chemicals. However, heavy rain means any discharge from the site has been highly diluted, reducing the risk to the environment and community.

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