Like to know more about fencing?

Q. What is Line Post or Running Post?

A fence post other than a strainer post.

Q. What is an Iowa Pattern?

A four point type of barbed wire, with a continue twist, normally having 2.50mm soft wire as line wires.

Q. What is an Intermediate Post?

A large wood, concrete or steel post used where lateral or vertical movement is a problem.

Q. What is High Tensile Wire?

A wire able to withstand higher loads than low tensile (soft) wire because of special steel quality, or processing, or both. In the Australian Standards this is referred to as wires with a breaking strain of 1000 to 1600 MPa.

Q. What is a driver?

A tool for driving posts and strainer assembly posts in the ground.

Q. What is a corner assembly or corner post?

A strainer assembly at the corner of a fence line.

Q. What is belly wire?

Plain wire used to support netting in the centre of the fence.

Q. What is a Gauge?

The method of measuring wire diameter in imperial units. Superseded by the metric system which measures wire diameter in millimetres. A smaller gauge is a thicker wire.

Q. What is Galvanizing?

The process of applying a protective coating of zinc to wire and post products by the hot dip method.

Q. What is a flood gate?

A gate across a creek or water course that will rise up as the water level increases and fall back as it lowers.

Q. What is a fabricated fence?

A prefabricated fence of vertical and horizontal wires usually made from wire about 2.5mm diameter, high or medium in tensile strength and with wider picket wire spacings than netting with which it should not be confused.

Q. What is a dropper?

A rigid or semi-rigid vertical member fixed to the fence which is not set into the ground, maintains wire spacings when in place, also referred to as a spacer.

Q. What is an apron?

A section of prefabricated apron fence attached to the bottom horizontal wire via a hinged knot, acting as an ‘apron’ to reduce the opportunity for animals to penetrate.

Q. Is a callout fee always included in a quote?

No it is not always included and you should always ask about a callout fee BEFORE accepting a quote

Q. Why is it important to have your house fenced?

If you have pets, it keeps your pets from wandering. If you have kids, fences will prevent your children from walking off without a chaperone, thus lessens the risks of kidnapping. It can screen people at the gate before letting them in. It prevents trespassers from coming during the night, thus making you and your family safe and sound. And basically, enjoy more privacy.

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