Be prepared for winter driving conditions to reduce risk

Motorists planning trips to the snow where they may encounter challenging driving conditions are urged to plan ahead and drive carefully.

While it is advisable to drive more cautiously on all roads in winter, safely navigating Victoria’s alpine regions can involve coping with more extreme weather such as blizzards, fog and black ice.

All visitors to alpine resorts must carry snow chains and fit them as required. Those heading to Mt Hotham are reminded that diamond pattern snow chains are mandatory.

Other tips include checking tyre tread/pressure, lights and battery are working, putting anti-freeze in the radiator, packing an ice scraper, and sunglasses for snow glare.

Drivers should fill up fuel tanks before reaching the alpine regions to make sure there is sufficient fuel for the entire journey, which may involve lengthy delays or traffic queues on mountains.

Diesel drivers should fill up with alpine diesel mix from snowfield region service stations to avoid fuel freezing and dual LPG/petrol drivers should switch to petrol before reaching alpine areas.

Driving in snowy conditions requires a lot of concentration and patience. Stay calm if you’re stuck in a long queue always follow road signs and directions by resort staff, they are there for your safety.

In addition to checking weather forecasts, drivers should check road conditions at VicTraffic or by downloading the VicTraffic app.

There are more tips and advice on winter and snow condition driving – including fitting snow chains.

Source: Vic Roads

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