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Unveiling an exclusive collection of Swedish-designed bird houses

Bird lovers can now bring their gardens, balconies and courtyards to life with The Design Edit’s newly introduced range of designer bird houses and feeders. Designed in Sweden alongside ornithological experts, these adorable miniature houses are not only beautiful, but are also functional and hygienic, made with the needs of our feathered friends in mind.

Each bird feeder has been handcrafted from sustainable and ethically logged wood from well-managed forests, and painted in gorgeous designs with environmentally friendly paints. Gone are the days of the plain and ordinary bird house, these delightful little houses feature fine detailing, such as quaint windows, chimneys and stylish front doors. The enclosed feeder keeps bird seed protected from the elements and from contamination by droppings. To further ensure hygiene, perches are placed at feed windows at the bottom of the house so that birds don’t sit in the food (as they would with open platform feeders). Additionally, perches are kept narrow so that large birds such as crows are unable to land, allowing small birds to feed in peace.

The complete collection of 13 designs includes various features that can turn these feeders into bird baths and nesting boxes. Available in a range of colours and designs, from a traditional cottage to a contemporary Swedish Funkis house, there is a style to suit every home. Stylish, hygienic, functional and safe, these bird houses and feeders provide the perfect environment for nesting or feeding, allowing you to attract beautiful birds to your garden year-round.

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Source: The Design Unit

Image courtesy of The Design Unit

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