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What fence? Feral photos turning negatives into positives

The winning images of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions annual photo competition have captured the dark side of pest animals and weeds – showcasing infestation, damage and death, and emphasising the need for coordinated management to create positive outcomes.

The winning images, encompassing all corners of Australia, highlight the dramatic damage caused by pest animals and weeds. However, each image also tells a unique story of how communities and landholders are fighting back to tackle these big problems.

“These winning images show the devastating consequences of invasive species, and I am extremely pleased to hear that in all cases, local coordinated action is being undertaken to tackle these problems, and new and innovative tools are being used as part of the management solutions,” Andreas Glanznig, CEO of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions said.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition in 2017 and for sharing your images.

You can view the all the winners and highly commended photos online here.

The winner of the video category will be announced separately.

Image: What fence? Even with large antlers and a massive body, this fence was no barrier for this Rusa Deer and showcases the importance of fence maintenance to keep animals both ‘in’ and ‘out’. Image taken by Ian Lackington in QLD

This story was first published in The Fence magazine.

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